Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Hey Babie Top by Halla

Colour Block Style

My new absolute favorite top is the Hey Baby Top by Halla. I've made two so far and I can see many more in my future. (afflink)

There are just so many options to choose from with this wonderfully versatile pattern. The fit is perfect and so flattering. In the version here I love the cute styling of the deep cuffs and faux cami for a stand out co-ordinating wardrobe staple. You can really get fun and funky with the colour blocking here. 

This pattern is for knits and my version is made using cotton spandex which makes for a more structured garment. I also made a toile in Bamboo jersey which is soft and drapey, giving a more relaxed fit.

Halla Suggested Fabrics :

  • cotton lycra blends (with 50% stretch)
  • sweater knits
  • stretch french terry

Pattern Review


The choice of options offered by Halla patterns is amazing making them great value for money! The Hey Babie TopThe Hey Babie top has it all; three sleeve length options, cuff options, ruched sides, ruched panels, hoodie, scooped neck, faux cami and hidden breast feeding panel. 

For my version I chose long sleeves with deep cuffs, colour blocked faux cami and seamed bottom.

Sewing Competence 

This pattern is great for adventurous beginners. Instructions are detailed but simple to follow with lots of photos to show techniques. With so many options I do recommend reading all the way through before starting to be clear which steps relate to your chosen options.

PDF Printing and Pattern Assembly
  • This pattern is available in PDF format only...no biggy! Personally I like the stage of piecing and sticking together... it takes all sorts 😁
  • It's worth pointing out that the print options are for A0 and US letter only. I'm in France so printed on A4 using the US letter setting. I was a little worried before I purchased the pattern. It printed out just fine on A4 with just a little more to trim that's all.
  • The PDF is layered meaning you only have to print the sizes you need making it super easy to cut or trace out your pattern pieces after.
  • As usual with Halla patterns there are no pattern pieces for cuffs and bands. Less printing which is a good thing. Measurements are given and it's a simple job to measure and cut. You will need a ruler for this. My preference is for a large Olfa quilting ruler which is great for squaring up your fabric pieces.


The sizing of the Hey Babie is very accurate....thank you Halla! 

Sizing is really inclusive going from US women's sizes 00 to 26  

Using my measurements I made a US 6/8 and graded down to a 2/4 on the shoulders, neckline and sleeves, plus shortened the sleeves. These are standard adjustments for me on most patterns to deal with gaping neckline issues and slim short arms. One day I will brave up and do a smaller size with a full bust adjustment ! 

The fit of this top is oh so flattering. It hugs in all the right places and skims in the rest 😉. 

The bamboo toile I made first is a stretchier loser knit than the cotton lycra in this version. Being a firmer more structured fabric with less 4 way stretch it sized up a little tighter. 

A learning point for me to consider horizontal stretch when anticipating the final garment fit. Something to research for future knit makes. I'll keep you posted on what I find. I did use the stretch scale to assess the degree of stretch but then I didn't really know what to do with that information! 

Newbie Challenges

As a relative newbie I found this a fun sew with only one real challenge. It was tricky to stitch the faux cami into place at the same time as the neckband as per the instructions. I just couldn't get the cami in straight. It came out all wonky. I can confirm that seam ripping serger seams (twice) on knit fabrics is so nerve racking and no fun at all !!! 

Thank heavens for Youtube and a swift tutorial on how to efficiently and safely seam rip knits! Who knew there were so many ways!

I guess I could have been a good girl and basted the pieces together before sewing but I just didn't feel confident I could handle the layers through the serger and end up with a straight  cami insert. In the end I decided to sew in the neckband first and then baste in the faux cami behind the neckband and stitch in place as I top stitched around the neck. Probably not conventional but it worked.

And finally.....

I really love this top. I get loads of complements when I wear it and I feel so good in it. I'll be making lots more as there are just so many options to explore and opportnities to mix and match with colour blocking. 

Sources & links

Fabric was sourced from A Pygmalion in Cahors, France.

If you'd like to try this pattern its available hereHey Babie Top

This is an affiliate link and whilst your purchase doesn't cost you more I gain some credits which help feed my sewing addiction!

Sustainable sewing tip 🌱- instead of printing out sewing instructions simply load them to dropbox and follow on your tablet or phone

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